No Podcast this Week-I’m on vacation

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Not only am I on vacation, I’ve got a cold and a nasty cough, so no podcast this week. I’ll have something new next week and with any luck, I’ll sound much better, not only because I’ll be feeling better, but because I’ll be using a new microphone.

I’d really appreciate it if everyone could email me and give me some feedback about the podcast. Some of the things I’m interested in finding out are how it sounds. Is it too high, too low, horrible quality, etc, and, do you listen on the website or do you use an aggregator of some kind. How do you get the podcast from this site to your ears basically.

Thanks everyone and I’ll see you next week.

One Response to No Podcast this Week-I’m on vacation

  1. Aww I was looking forward to your next podcast!

    They all sound ok, they’re better on download as you can use windows media player to pause, FF RW etc.

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