Curbside Investigator Episode #113-The Elevator Speech

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I’ve spent that last couple of months talking about marketing for PI’s and we’ve covered a variety of topics.  The Elevator Speech is the topic of this episode of  The Curbside Investigator and I’ve found lots of resources that Private Investigators can use to craft the perfect Elevator Speech.  As I learned in the research, there’s more than one way to take advantage of  those precious few seconds you have to make an impression.  Which way is right for you?  If you’ve never thought about an Elevator Speech or would like some tips on perfecting yours, check out Episode #113 of the Curbside Investigator Podcast at

Here’s the resource links:—Basic-30-Second-Introduction-Scripts&id=5073330–beyond-the-elevator-speech.html


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6 Responses to Curbside Investigator Episode #113-The Elevator Speech

  1. DesertDrake

    Hi Scott,

    I have been having issues trying to listen to your latest podcast and was wondering if there is a problem with it.

    I have enjoyed your previous podcasts and always look forward to more. Keep up the good work.


  2. The download I get is only 32k.

  3. it should be fixed now. sorry about that.

  4. it should be fixed now. Sorry about that. Enjoy.

  5. Well done, got me thinking as I am trying to mend my marketing ways…going to be proactive a little at a time instead of doing it just out of necessity. My wife, a professional in sales and marketing, gave this good advice:

  6. Some great points and came at a good time as we are currently tossing around marketing plans. Appreciate you sharing on this and your other shows.

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