Curbside Investigator #116 – Marketing Updates and Gear alert

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In this episode, Scott talks about a recent camera upgrade and how it affects workflow.  If you are looking to upgrade your old digital video cameras to the newer hard drive based camcorders, take a look at Oleg Flaksman’s page for a very good primer on how to get results.

There’s also a marketing update for those of you that are interested in how the new cards, postcards and marketing ideas are working so far.

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One Response to Curbside Investigator #116 – Marketing Updates and Gear alert

  1. Hi Scott

    Since being mentioned on Oleg’s site, I’ve had numerous emails asking for additional info and how-to advice. In response, I’ve put a few web pages together at my website, which are located at:

    There are also some demo videos – hope the Aussie accent is OK.


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